Misc Unsigned Bands - Ras Shortyi - Watch Out My Children chords

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Intro - G D Am C D C Am D G

          G              Em        D
You are young and your future is ahead of you.
           G              Em              D
Right or wrong, sweet or sour depends on what you do.
   Am                              C
Taking the wrong direction will drain your constitution
       G               Em           C          D
And promote tension, chaos and confusion
     C       Am             G
Then corruption to the inner man.
And that was not God's plan.

       G                      D
Watch out my children! Watch out my children!
Am                                                  C
It have a fella called Lucifer with a bag of white powder.
        G                        Am
And he don't want to powder yuh face
               C           D                 G
But to bring shame and disgrace to the human race.
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