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Misc Unsigned Bands - Lauren Oconnell - Levers And Gears chords

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Capo 2nd fret

A F#m A E

You see I've this friend

Who doesn't exist
He takes strides all in time 

With the watch on his wrist
	D	E		F#m	E	A
And I only speak 'cos he compels me to

It's much like the voice
That lives in my sleep
Painting Xes on dreams
That I'd like to keep
But I'd rather not mention that they all feature you

A F#m E E

D		E			F#m
Maybe I'm not right between my ears
D				E		A			F#m
But crazy's just crazy, so it makes me not an ounce less sincere
D				E
But I've got a notion that you're this way too
A				F#m
So let's be together in a white padded room
		Bm			D			E			
And make lovely machines of our twisted up levers and gears

A F#m A E

Sometimes I send letters
From my fireplace
Yeah, I set them aglow
Watch them burn into space
As they float softly away from me

They're all addressed
To the blackest of skies
And I ask them to pour 
On all but you and I
So we'd huddle dry underneath the same tree


A F#m

But my soul's got a voice
And a black telephone
And it calls me at night 
When I am alone
C#m					Bm			E
And it's ranting and raving in languages I can't speak
But if everyone thought
All their thoughts right aloud
Would we all be locked up
And never let out?
C#m		Bm		E
I'm convinced it's not only me


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