Misc Unsigned Bands - Madness Becomes Method - Codys Song chords

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Cody's Song

E			 B		   C#m	     A
Do good in school and learn in class in order to succeed
E			B		       C#m	A
And then you're gonna have to start a career
E		     B		        C#m	    A
But none of this is what I want and isn't what I need
E			  B		C#m	A
So just let me sit in that corner over there
E		B			C#m	A
Listen to your friends these next few days I thought
E		     B		          C#m	A
They will hold the answers that you seek
E		    B		     C#m	  A
Spend some time alone and find out what you want
E			B		 C#m	A
Or hang out with new people who you meet

I guess that's where I fucked up
	 B	    C#m		A-C#m-B
Met the girl, fell in love
E		      B			C#m		A-C#m-B
Spent all the time I could with her, did all the things I could for her
E                     B                                  C#m           A-C#m-B
Now she realizes she don't need me
                              E      B      C#m     A-C#m-B-E
I guess I'll move on

And so forth
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