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Misc Unsigned Bands - Hello Gumption - Spinning As We Go chords

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This, as you may know, is the catchy tune from the Excel gum commercial starring the
Coffee Cup, Onion and Donut. I have been looking everywhere for the chords for months now
eventually thought I'd try a long-shot -- emailing the band themselves on MySpace. Well 
do you know, I got a reply from Brendan himself! In addition to being an amazing
he's a really nice, down-to-earth guy! Must be because he's Canadian ;)

Anyways, enjoy, and hit them up on MySpace if you love this song as much as I do and let
know how you feel :)

Hello Gumption on MySpace

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Hello Gumption - Spinning As We Go
David Arcus & Brendan Quinn
Released: Apr 28, 2009
Copyright 2009 Hello Gumption

Db,  Gbmaj7
Can't shake this feeling
Db,  Gbmaj7
It won't let go
Db,  Gbmaj7,  Db
We're headed into parts unknown
Ebmin,  Db
Whoa....spinning as we go

Night sky above us
Stars all aglow
Illuminate the world below
Whoa....spinning as they go

There's no need to take it slow
I've a feeling we could go all the way
Abmin,  B
Though the path is overgrown
Ebmin,  Ab
We've got stars to guide us home it's okay
Ebmin,  Ab,  Ebmin,  Ab

Keep holding tightly
And don't let go
As we head into parts unknown
Ebmin,  Gb
Whoa....Whoa....X 2
Ebm,  Db
Whoa....spinning as we go
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