Misc Unsigned Bands - Emergency Music - This Is A Wilderness chords

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I did not have the lyrics, so I had to do the lyrics (and guitar) by ear. All 
unknown lyrics are marked with --

C G                           C   G                                 
   Stay in bed to avoid the day   Getting light so you pull the shades
C Bb                                C  G
   Though the colors they come around You're better still and you make no sound
          Am                                C
But these fallers keep falling  And these callers keep calling

    G                        B
Ohohoh what else could you do  When everything just pulls you
Em           D        C       Cm
Take another city bus downtown
G                             B                     
It makes you want to throw a fit   Like you did at 15
Em               D                  C                  Cm
but you see that there's no point to ask        Point to ask

G   C G    C Bb    C G    C

G                                         C  G
If nothing's suffered than nothing's gained  Let the wine bottle fill ---
Bb                                 C  G
These are the changes you brag about  you don't care if -------
Am                      G
Out in the open  So you pull on the covers

    G                    B
Ohohoh if i speak to you  You better take -----
Em                    D              C  Cm
Cause you're bound to miss a line or two
G                                B
And you treat the words like gold  Let them change you in a
Em          D          C            Cm
Million ways or not at all    Not at all

You get the basic gist of it
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