Misc Unsigned Bands - Comit Solution - Homesick chords

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F                       F2             F
Royal blue tarp that is hanging from a tree 
F                          F2          F
Feeling woodchips that are staining my feet
C   C7             Fmaj7
I'm sinking faster than a stone
C   C7              Fmaj7
The more and more i feel alone

F                   F2        F
Raging fire staring me in the eye
F                     F2                F
Telling me all of the different ways to die
C C7          Fmaj7
I wonder if i should try
C          C7            Fmaj7
Jump right in and say my last goodbye

F                  F2   F
Walking to classes all alone
F                 F2     F
People telling me i have grown
C     C7            Fmaj7
But i know it's not true
C   C7          Fmaj7
You lie to me i lie to you

F                       F2   F
Counting down the hours to departure
F                F2          F
So i Finally can escape this torture
C C7      Fmaj7
I hate it here
C     C7       Fmaj7              G       
Don't wanna be anywhere near this place

Bm F C

G Bm F C
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