Misc Unsigned Bands - Dustin Cannon - Codys Song chords

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capo on the 2nd fret 

this song is a tribute to my bestest friend Cody Cross. 
we were up one night on facebook when a pop-up came up with a hot 
girl in it dancing, so cody said " oh my!! Im going to bed" 
well that morning he over slept and we ask him why he had to 
sleep so late, and his responce was, "i was dreaming about 
a girl ill never have"

                     G                    C
As I turn out the lights, and close the door
           G                             C        
And go my ass to bed, like many of the nights before
    G                              C               G
as I lay there sleeping, while Im dreaming, about you
                 D                  C                             G
thats when the best part of me, comes shining right through the night
G                                                 C
well i see you laying there, and i can tell you love me
by the look in your eye
and by the way your hold me, ohh so tight
                 G                    C                       G
well I love you baby, but how will I ever let you know how I feel


G                                      C                        G
when I wake up, its such a feeling of pain running through my head
 G                                                      C
cause i realize your gone, and your were never really there
            G                                        C
how will i ever get this feeling of pain out of my head
G                       D        C                       G
I take another shot of whiskey, and wash your memories away
D                       D        C                       G
I take another shot of whiskey, and wash your memories away


G                            D                      C
well I get drunk off my ass every night i think of you
G                  D      C             F           C
I got to have my whiskey, to wash your, to wash your memories away
G                       D        C
I take another shot of whiskey, to wash your memories away.
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