Misc Unsigned Bands - Ian Schonfeld - Do It Right This Time chords

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"Do it right this time" - Ian Schonfeld in tv-serries "Huge"

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
G - - D C - - -

G                          D       C 
Why does the time move forward and never end?
G                          D       C
Why can't I somehow become a child again?

oooh oooh ....

Cmaj7 (Em on C)
I'd do it right this time 
I'd do it right this time 
I'd do it right this time

Snow would fall upwards
Dead leaves would turn green
I'd be a version of myself I've never seen
I'd do it right this time (x3)

But snow falls down
And dead leaves break apart
Yeah, things fall down
And people break your heart
People break your heart

But time moves forward
So does this song
Which I can barely write
So I'll write it wrong

I'll write it wrong this time
'Cause wrong is right this time
Let's do it right this time
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