Misc Unsigned Bands - Moonface - Take Me Home chords

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i went to see a unsigned band about 4 years ago, they were that good that i bought the cd!!!
now ive got good enough to transpose stuff on the guitar i thught i'd give a 
couple of their songs a bash..... enjoy!!!

nicer sounding chords on an electric :-

A- 5,7,7,6,5,5
E- 12,14,14,13,12,12
B- 7,9,9,8,7,7

nicer sounding chords on an acoustic :-

A- "--~--"
E- 7,7,9,9,9,7
B- "--~--"



A, E, B, A repeat X2


A                        E                              B         A
come to think about it i really shouldnt be here tonight
A                              E                              B          A
my head is spinning sideways, everything just dont feel so nice
A                                       E               B
kinda got to thinkin that your the only thing in my life, 
that feels riiiigggghhhht
A                                E                B                 A
oh god i need you i just couldnt leave you tonight


A    E  B    A
take me home now
A    E  B    A
take me home now

then reapeat chords X2

VERSE 2:- (chords the same from here)

wanna say a few words but, i cant seem to catch your eye

walkin in and leaving im running round in circles so tired

i want you bad so good now i alway know its gonna be somehow,            right nooooowwww

i cant think fast i just wanna come last and bow, going oooouuuttt


take me home now

take me home now


rereat chords, try a little solo!!!
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