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Misc Unsigned Bands - Wrestlerish - Oliver Tambourine chords

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Big up to AloneAndUnknown on Youtube for working this out - I'm just tabbing her chords here.

Capo 2nd Fret (but you can play it without if you can't sing as high as Werner)

The chords he uses are just G, Em, Cadd2 and F#/D. 

I use the add2 cos it's much easier to get to the F#/D from it in the chorus, but 
they both sound ok You can play the proper open C but it's a lot easier to use 
these the Cadd2 and these ones:

     G   C(add2) Em  F#/D
  e: 0   0       0    (2)  (but I just leave it open or mute it)
  B: 3   3       3     3
  G: 0   0       0     2
  D: 0   2       2     0
  A: 2   3       2     0
  E: 3   x       0     2

Then for his little intro riff (and pretty much whenever he plays a G) he just 
plays the G and does this:


And then strums the G and fiddles the high strings.  Most of the melody comes from the bass.

With the lyrics now:


If nothing ever really dies then 
C                      G  
why do I feel barely alive?
If we're only living for second tries then 
C                              G   
baby surely I should spend the night


You should speak your mind, 
    C                  G
and I could be a nicer guy
If I tried
You could be just fine, 
hanging on those lines
but I would die
before I let you take me alive


(Just C and G, and sometimes he does the hammer-on on the C)

C                G
And I'd give anything
C                  G
To wake up next to you again

Then it's just the chorus again...
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