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Misc Unsigned Bands - Elliott Murphy - Isadoras Dancers chords

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Isadora’s Dancers – Elliott Murphy

Intro:  D – G – D – G – D – G – E -A
	   D – G – D -G

D                              G
I've gone to meet Isadora's dancers
D                               G
Wrote that girl on her own blue jeans
D           C                      G
I've given up trying to find the answers
         E                           A
And these times they're sure turning mean
   D                          G
So here's to you and to my mother
        D                                G
And to that boy at work who lent me his radio
        D            C                G
Because for me there's never been no others 
      E                      A             D
At making friends I'm awfully slow awfully slow

D – G (x 3) – E - A
Aah aah

D                         G
I can dream of a nicer ending
D                          G
And I dreamed of a lonely show 
D           C          G
With just me and my ballerina
     E                         A
And she turns slowly up on her toes 
D                         G
And I clap and the hall it echoes
D                                  G
And my dancer's eyes are wide as a doe
D              C               G
But the time wasn't right for the moment
E                   A            D
This I know this I know – I let her go

D – G (x 3) – E - A
Aah aah

E —14-----14----15----15----|
B ----15----15----15----15--|
G ------14----14----14----14|
D --------------------------|
A --------------------------|
E --------------------------|

D                                    G
And it's raining and it's Sunday San Francisco
D                                      G
And I think I'll go take in the porno show
D                      C               G
Cause it's dark and it's cold and it's lonely
E                              A
And it's as far from love as you can go
     D                          G
So here's to you Isadora's dancers 
D                              G
And to that girl who just had to go 
D                 C                        G
And as for me, well I don't know the answers
E                                    A
Is life too fast or is it just too slow
D                G
Oh so slow

D – G (x 3) – E – A
Aah aah
End with D
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