Misc Unsigned Bands - Elliott Murphy - Diamonds By The Yard chords

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Diamonds by the Yard  Elliott Murphy

Progression throughout the song:
 C  G  F - G 
(listen to the song for timing and rhythm)

C         G            F     G   
As I lay down with my lady
C                 G             F           G   
The sounds of the night keep me warm
C             G                    F        G   
I'm living a city life - I'm living maybe
C    G                             F        G   
But tonight there's no reason to be strong

C      G      F     G   

C        G                 F         G   
Romantic poets guard the darkness
C     G                 F        G   
My my all at such an early age
C                  G                  
An old man sheds a tear
                   F           G
He opens a little gold locket
C                  G                      F             G   
He thought his little girl was lost in an Indian raid

C     G     F     G   

C                     G                   F     G   
Somewhere in these night lights lies the answer
C               G                F      G   
And you can get diamonds by the yard
C            G               F         G   
A tiffany dream - A porcelain dancer
C      G                        F         G   
An old man (/Olivier!) playing blues guitar

C      G      F      G
Midnight I surrender
C         G             F           G
I live beneath your ancient spell
C             G                        F         G
You've been my lover since I can't remember
C           G                      F            G
You save my life with the stories you tell

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