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Name: Desperate Man
By: Andy Gullahorn
Capo 4

Intro: C G/B Am7 G F C G/B Am7 G F
   C                             G/B
I know I just display my foolish pride
       Am7           G          F
When I try to be an island to myself
             C                                  G/B
You must be tired of all the stuff that I still hide
          Am7                 G             F   C/E
Because I just canít seem to trust anyone else
        Am7    C       G
Itís a lonely way to live
         Am7    G     C/E  F
Such a lonely way to live
Iím a desperate man
Iím in desperate need
          Am7       C
Of your saving hand
              G    F
To come and rescue me
C                                      G/B
Youíve been more than patient all this time
           Am7              G             F
If it were me I would have given up long ago
     C                                     G/B
The first time that you pulled me from the mire
       Am7                G           F   C/E
And I brushed you off to dig another hole
       Am7  C         G
Itís a sad way to live
       Am7      G/B    C/E  F
Such a sad, sad way to live


   G     C/E       F       C
I used to be the strong one
     G     C/E         F
The self-sufficient fool
    G        C/E   F      C/E
I thought I needed no one
         Am7               F
But the plain and simple truth
            C           F Am7 C G F
Is Iím a desperate man

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