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Matthew Ebel - "Join The Conversation"
(Tabbed by David Copeland)

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*Capo on 2nd fret*


Em, G, A, C, D

First Verse:

C                       G
     Here we are, looks like we're going nowhere
     A                          Em
     no one ever listens if you never seem to care.
C                                G
     Itís what they want, try to keep you in a box like a
     A                        Em
     disassembled toy, like a peasant in the stocks.
C                             G
     You always feel like the last one in line,
            A                          Em
     no one forwarded the memo, no one made you read the signs.
C                                G
     You want to scream, want to show youíre more than clever
            A                           A
     If you never speak up, things will be like this forever

C, A, F, D

               Em               G
     So get in line, speak your mind,
               A               C
     wonít you join the conversation?
     D      Em           G
     Lay it down, make a sound,
               A             C
     you donít need an invitation.
        D     Em                G
     So get a pair and drive us there,
             A                C
     you can choose our destination.
     D       Em           G
     Toe the line, get it signed,
             A              C         D
     you can join the conversation.

Em, G, A, C, D (x2)

Second Verse:

C                               G                          A
     You come along like youíre told, like a member of the fold,
     and then you end up being sold.
C                                G
     They try to tell you not to wander from the hive
         A                                     Em
     You think you take a chance and theyíll devour you alive.
C                     G
     No one ever got ahead by staying hidden,
         A                            Em
     You know the fruit tasted better when it was forbidden.
                C                          G
     Now youíre sitting on the ground. You know youíre star-bound
            A                               A
     If you want to make it happen then you got to make a sound.

C, A, F, D

Chorus: The chords change on this chorus.

     D       Em           G
  ...Toe the line, get it signed,
     you can join the conversation.
     join the conversation.
     join the conversation.
     join the conversation.

Em, G, A, C, D (x4)
C, A, F, D

(Chorus x2)
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