Misc Unsigned Bands - 577 Feet Above Sealevel - Midsummer Parties Seldom Go Wrong chords

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C E Am
C E Am

F C G Am
C G Am E

C               E            Am
Now I have been everywhere I could
F                  C            G  
Finished education right when I should
C           E               Am
My life has started now for real
    F               G                 C
And no one gives me more of life than you

We met at a party of a friend
I wasn't struck by you back then
We danced a little and said goodbye
I never knew that this could fly

F              C               G            Am
You are not my first love, and maybe not my last
C                        G         Am             E
But let's not spoil this moment by talking of the past
F            G                      C
Finding time together this sweet is rare

Who knew that waking up was great
Our friends are all talking about fate
I do love the coincidence that you're here, in my arms
With you it's only losing it I fear

And if we'll last only time will tell
But time flies by quickly in a shell
We are happy or at least I am
I can only hope that you feel that I'm your man

You are not my first love but I hope my last
So let's not spoil this moment, time goes by so fast
Finding time this perfect is rare

You might not be perfect, but I don't care
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