Misc Unsigned Bands - Eric Shelby - Match 22 chords

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Match 22 by Eric Shelby

Capot 2nd Fret

E1- x79900
C#1- 9x9900
B1- 7x9900
A1- x07900
E2- 022100
C#2- x46600
B2- x24400
A2- xx0220

Intro and Verses

E1    C#1    B1    A1     B1

Chorus and Bridge

E2   A2    C#2    B2


Im saving up this pain to send it back to you
I couldnt care less babe, I never think about you
I know you miss me so, youre lying through your teeth
Oh by the way I cheated on you like every week
My telephone never rings just like you promised
Boy you gave me everything I ever wanted but the rest of you
Maybe perfectly with or with you

Lying on the floor reserving my love
Counting every second since you left, since you left
Are you looking forward to murder my love? 
I'll be there to take your very last breath

I dare you baby were a match 22
Ill make you wish you stayed home
Ill save my last words for you
Come get me I'm all alone
Dont let me Down

Dont let me ever let you down
Dont let me never let you down

Ill leave it up to you, how do you wanna die?
When it was up to you I faked it every time
On the night I picked you up, you werent the only one
Who came to my room, screaming baby I get what I want
I dont regret you at all, maybe a little
Still get butterflies when you call oh just a little flight of kissing you
Maybe perfectly with or without you
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