Misc Unsigned Bands - Eric Shelby - Turn Up The Twilight chords

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Turn up the Twilight by Eric Shelby

Capot 3rd Fret

E- 022100
B - x24400
C#- x46600
A- xx0220


E        B       C#      A
Dont waste all seven sins on me

E        B       C#      A
You know Id die to kill for you

E        B       C#      A
Forever raining warm anxiety

E        B       C#      A
Wearing me thin, I will give in, eventually

E        B       C#      A
Save all your old connections

E        B       C#      A
To all you first impressions


E        B       C#      A
Babe you kill me every night, kill me every night
(While I save you from the truth)

C#    B        C#        A   B
Bending every promise Ive been dying to break for you

E        B       C#      A
As the world is burning down to you, I do this for you

Forget your hopes and dreams tonight
And pull your curtains down real tight
The setting sunlight runs right through the dust
Pain in the air, burning a glare, shadows of trust


E     B     
Eventually youll get what you want

C#   B
Everything you asked for, every single thought

A     B                     C#   B
That Ive been holding back since the very first time we kissed

E      B       
Ill have chances few, left to hold you close

C#    B
If I donít surrender baby let me go

A      B            C#      B                C#
I hope I aint too stubborn to give you anything to miss

E    B     C#   A
Nothing to Miss
Nothing to Miss
Dont let your lonely heart, fall to the stars
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