Misc Unsigned Bands - Eric Shelby - Call Girl chords

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Call Girl by Eric Shelby

Capot 3rd Fret

C- x32010
F - xx3210
G- 320010
Am- xx2210

C    F

Pre Chorus
C  Am G

Chorus and Bridge
C  F   Am  G


Sunsets and screams, living way beyond our means
Countless hours of access and vices of the times
God I hope it drives her crazy
Seeing you with me baby
Bringing hollow words and scripted lines

You know Ill be un-automated
Donít tell me your so underrated
When theres nothing left just the static
Emotions are so un-dramatic

I know you want me for my money so
Ill show you off everywhere I go
Pretend that you love me you sexy call girl
Lie down for me, for your material world

Lights in the rain
Fueled by rumors and cocaine
In the warm summer evening, dont tell me not to lie

Sweet 23, are you waiting there for me?
Holding on to my check book tight
Babe endorse me your love tonight
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