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Misc Unsigned Bands - Eric Shelby - Abandoned Eyes chords

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Abandoned Eyes by Eric Shelby

Capot 8th fret

C - x32033
G - 320033
F# - 200233
Em- 022033
D-  xx0233


C         G     F#
Too long, too late, too lie, to let go

C          G     F#
Warm nights, green eyes, I left without you

C          G     F#
I cant sleep, God only knows what youre doing now

C         D       C     D
And I hope youre feeling the same


G        F#      Em       C


G       F#      C      D

Are you really over me?
Ive got a violent pain
Silence the city lights, from your abandoned eyes
Under the starry skies
Before I let you go, theres something I need to know

West coast, doors closed
I meant what I said
Traded a lifetime, the night that we met
Dont spend forever waiting for the one
Get out and tear her heart off her sleeve
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