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Once In A While:The Chimes.
#11 in 1961.

                (Capo 3rd fret.)

C         G    Am7           G    
Once in a while.....will you try to give, 
Em         B+         A7  Gdim
one little thought to me..e?
       Dm           Dm7 G7  Fdim        C    Gdim Dm7 G7
Though someone else may be, nearer your heart.

C         G     Am7          G             Em
Once in a while.....will you dream of, the moments 
  B+          A7    Gdim
I shared with you...ou?
Dm        Dm7     G7   Fdim     C    F C C7
Moments before we two, drifted apart.

   E      C#m7-5      F#m7  B7
In love's smouldering ember...
    E     C#m7-5   F#m7   B7
one spark may    remain.
   E    C#m7-5    F#m7    B7
If love still can remember...
    E         Edim  Dm7  Fdim
the spark may burn again.. 

Fdim        C           G    Am7   G
a-a-a-a-and I know that I'll....be contented,
     Em          B+    A7  Gdim
with yesterday's mem-ory.. 
Dm                   Dm7 G7   Fm        C     F C
knowing you'll think of  me...once in a while.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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