Misc Unsigned Bands - David Ramos - Come To Kiss chords

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F                     Eb
I've come to kiss the face of Jesus
F                    Eb
I've come to kneel before the throne
F                        Eb
I've come to give to the Lord Almighty
All my love, my hope, my all

F                     Eb
(and) I will love the Name of Jesus
F                Eb
I will worship before His throne
F                  Eb
I will sing of the ever lasting
Bb                        F
love of God, His love for all

             Eb                F
His love for you, His love for me,
             Eb                Bb
His love for all, His love for us..

(option continue)...
             F  Eb                    F
His love for all, his love for this city,
                  Eb                    F  Eb
His love for this country, His love for all,
His love for us, for us.
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