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FOUND IN YOU Beth Croft and Tim Hughes 

Sorry when viewing this i notice that pretty much all the chords occur later than they should, 
this is something to do with putting them on here, 
unfortunately  I'm lazy so if you want them in the exactly the right place,
you will need to move them yourself

Capo 1

Intro: A E B 

Verse 1: 
A                   B                                               A
I've searched this world for something that endures 
Beyond this life
A             B                                                   A
But only You, whose days will never - cease 
Can satisfy 

       A              C#m 
I'm found in You
 E            F#m 
Only in You

                    A                E  B 
You're the air that I breathe
                    A                  E  B 
You're the song that I sing 
               A                    E   B 
You are everything I need 
                   A    E              B
Jesus You are all that I need
Verse 2: 
Now to live a simple life of praise 
In every way 
Letting go of treasures on the earth 
Holding on to You 

A                    C#m
My soul sings hallelujah 
E                   B
Saviour King 
I was lost 
Now I'm found in You
E                        B                [2nd time: Gm(F#m)]
I am found in You 

I was tired of transposing this by hand, 
so if this works you and i should now be able to do it on here, 
anyway hope it helps 
Jimmy Nics
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