Misc Unsigned Bands - Grover Anderson - Dandylyin chords

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A  E  D

Verse 1
A  E   D
Don't got no job, living in the mob of the conglomerate of the G-O-L-E-T-A
No time to sit and write a rhyme, there's things I gotta do and I gotta get it done today
No pass to sit myself down on the grass and relax as the ducks pass forth and back in the lagoon
No explanation for the motivational constipation, if this is gonna be my station 
I'd better win the lottery soon

There's a million reasons for me to be complaining
And abstaining from the complication I'll be facing
E                        D
If I don't get my work done
But there's a million more that come before
D                           E
No metaphor could define or describe the way I feel
                D              E 
When I'm under this California sun

A  E   D
I'm just dandy, lying in the midday heat
A  E   D
I'm just dandy, trying to stay on me feet
A  E   D
I'm just dandy, don't care if I'm not understood, cause
     E                      A
When life's this good it ain't easy to do what I should

Verse 2 (same as Verse 1)
I got my friends, I don't need to pretend around them, they all like more for the 
goofy guy that I be
Got my guitar, a voice that carries far enough to blend into the music, making a sweet harmony
Got my gal, she's a wonderful pal, a morale booster, she makes great company
I got my fam, I always try to meet their demands if I can, I plan to make them happy
cause that's what they're making me

I can't think of a way to say thanks enough to those who
Taught me all I know and to the good Lord above
And I'm not saying that nobody'd ever bring me down
But I'm warning you it'll be tough

I'm just dandy, lying in the summer heat
I'm just dandy, trying to stay on me feet
I'm just dandy, don't you know that I would if I could, but
When life's this good it ain't easy to do what I should

Verse 3  (A  E  D--listen for specific timing)            
Do what I could, what I should, maybe babe, hey say that I'm okay
Do what I could, what I should, maybe I'll just do what I may
There's a whole lot I gotta get done today and maybe I'll get to it when I'm done with all my play
Won't you take a little break from the decisions you make and the stress you take 
and just get away
I'm no hippie but I sure think that it would be nifty if we got together and we 
let the music flow swiftly
From our musical vicinity listen to me and maybe you can see the visions I'm inspired to see
So clear when I'm near to my dear songbook
Take a little old look at the jam that I cook when I stir it up
I give a little nip/tuck,I shuck all the pressure all the stress, sure
Everything is uptight, alright
Superstition ain't the mission my decision is to kick it back into remission
Stop the fission that is splitting all the good girls and boys from the noise they be missing
That they need to be jamming to, there's things I gotta do today that I ain't gonna do
But I would, if I could, and I should but I don't and I won't
Which means I can't, but I will grant you this song, and it's a long song now
I don't know how I let it get so damn strung out
I think it's time to let it fade out
How 'bout one more time with the chorus?  That's what I'm talking about

Repeat Chorus
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