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Hola internets, I've been looking for this song for quite some time now, 
as it is just flippin catchy to listen to. I don't know if there is much
demand for it, but I'm guessing there have got to be a couple people out
there looking for some of these guys' songs. I'm sure about the chords, but
I'm not sure about the lyrics... probably about 90% right (at best). The
singer has a very casual way of saying the words (which is pretty awesome),
so just focus on the end consonants or assonance in the parts that don't
make sense, and you're golden. For strum pattern you'll just have to listen
to the song. Oh and there is a short pretty simple solo, I picked it out
before but didn't write it down, so I'll probably add that on soon.

For the intro just play two lines or so worth of the chords... it's an
intro, just make something up (you don't have to worry too much, this is a
three chord song).

Verse one:
Way down south where the swamplands grow,
E		    Am
I was messin where nobody goes
Fishin for my dinner in a craw daddy bed
E	            Am
I fell in yah-and I broke my neck
When down from the bottom of the mucky depths,
A girl stood up and stole my breath,
Am (just let chords ring out here instead of strumming)
She said “aint no need, gotta come with me,
E                     Am
Dont be alarmed cause you got something I need
Im Happy to have met you my name is jess
I think its time we left.”

Tell my family tell my kin, 
I won’t be comin home again
The grim reapers name is Jess, 
shes been fair and I feel quite blessed. (alright)

Verse 2:
Eyes like fire and skin like ice
Sweet water  to carry her 'way.
Getting away to a secret hole
To a place where she take my soul
From the land of the living to the land of the dead.
When I heard this no tears were shed

Bridge*: (same chords as chorus) 
Dm          Am
The worms conspired
E            Am
The life I had now has expired
Dm       Am
Bathed in fire
E          Am
To live again is my desire


Verse 3:
Like a candle my flame is out
Certain of this there is no doubt
Just one thing that needs to be known
Will I float like a log or sink like a stone?



*Honestly I don't know if I used the term "bridge" right or not, and I don't
really care... I'm sure there are some hard-core musicians pretty pissed
right now though.


Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3

Alright hoped this helped someone! 
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