Misc Unsigned Bands - Kathryn Beaumont - In A World Of My Own chords

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This is a song from the movie 'Alice in Wonderland' in 1951. Sung by Alice, who is 
voiced by Kathryn Beaumont, including a dialog which is omitted in the soundtrack. 
The chords are ear-transcribed and hopefully it is correct, it should be =)

The instrumental in the front is mostly in the key of E#, then it changes to G#. 
Then when the singing starts, the song is in the key of G#, then on the second 
verse, it changes to the key of A#, then the next verse would be in the key of G#. 
In the chorus, it is all in the key of G# but in the middle would be in the key of 
A# then back to the key of G#. But in my opinion, I don't think guitars will do 
good with orchestra for the change of tempo. So, I am only covering the singing. Enjoy! (:

CAPO 1st fret.

Cats and rabbits 
Would reside in fancy little houses 

And be dressed in shoes 
And hats and trousers 
     Am          D
In a world of my own 

All the flowers 

Would have very 

Extra special powers 

They would sit 

And talk to me for hours 

When I'm lonely 
     Em          D
In a world of my own 

There'd be new birds 

Lots of nice and friendly 

How-do'ya do birds 

Everyone would have 

A dozen blue birds 
            C           D
Within that world of my own 

        A                          (Stop) 
I could listen to a babbling brook 
(N.C.)     Em                Am         (Stop)
And hear a song that I could understand 
(N.C)  G                C           
I keep wishing it could be that way 
           Am               C   D   G
Because my world would be a won-der-land 
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