Misc Unsigned Bands - Adam Faith - Baby Take A Bow chords

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Baby Take A Bow:Adam Faith.
#22 in UK in 1962.

C                                    E
When little girls were made, they discovered you..
             Am            F     G      C
and gave you eyes of blue..Baby, take a bow.

C                               E
They made you just for me and I know for sure..
                 Am             F     G      C
you came through Heavenís door..Baby, take a bow.

G                                      C
Turned up nose and smile that spreads around you.
G                                 E
Goodness knows, Iím mighty glad I found you..
   Dm               G    G#
my little ray of sunshine.

C#                              F
Ten thousand Angels sing as Iím kissing you..
             Bbm              F#    G#     C#
they must be missing you..so, Baby, take a bow.

    F#    G#     C#       F#    G#     C#
So, Baby, take a bow..so, baby, take a bow..
Come on baby..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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