Misc Unsigned Bands - Matt Walters - I Would Die For You chords

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Hey guys, this is my first tab. Im sure 
its 100% correct because Matt Walters 
himself gave me chords, tuning and 
capo instructions. 

This is a beautiful song from a very talented 
Australian musician and the studio recording 
features Megan Washington. Because Matt is a 
new artist, his lyrics arent available, sorry!

Matt Walters: "De-tune your 'high E' to a D.* 

Capo 5. 

(Its important tune your high e to a d,
THEN put your capo on.)

These are the shapes - but they aren't the 
actual chords - ie: 'A Minor' is actually 
'D minor' - relative to key.

Press the second string in the third fret 
and then lower the first string to that 
exact pitch.

Verse: Am - C - Em - D
Chorus: G - C - G -C - Em - D

Good luck!

Hope you like the tab


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