Misc Unsigned Bands - Reina Del Cid - Edge Of The Universe chords

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Reina capos this on the first fret. It is then sung in the most sorrowful key of A flat.

          G                      C            
You have gone to the edge of the universe
      Em                        Am    D7
and I swear, I will follow even if it hurts
I have tried and so I know 
         Em      C
there is nothing worse
     Am          D7          G
than waiting for you to come home

I wake up to the roar
of my racing thoughts
Drive to work, sip my coffee 
       Am      D7
in the parking lot
Then it's up, up, and away 
        Em   C
like an astronaut
Am         D7             G
set out to bring you back home

I float over Mars and its blood red dunes
Then I'm flung round the sun 
           Am      D7
toward the distant moons
I will face the blackest hole 
      Em       C
if it leads to you
       Am        D7             G
'cause I need to bring you back home

             Em           Am       D7    
I've tried to sit at your hospital bed
       G           Am          D7
by the body that's missing its soul,
        G         Em
Oh, but how can I stay 
            Am           D7
when you're light-years away
        G            Am         D7
and you can't find a way to get home?

At my desk there's a body 
and it works all day
    Em                     D7      Am        
Its brain crunches numbers automatically
But I am gone, I'm at the heart 
       Em    C
of the Milky Way 
       Am        D7             G
'cause I'm gonna bring you back home

I will burn through the miles
to find you, love
        Em                        Am D7
I won't linger in the beauty of a nebula 
I'll push on 
                     Em C
toward the lights of Andromeda 
    Am             D7             G
for one day I will bring you back home

             Em             Am       D7   
I've come to dread that old hospital bed
           G          Em            D7
where your body still waits for its soul
            G         Em
Please, can we be the first 
       Am     D7  
in the vast universe 
      G            Am            D7
to go right to the edge and back home?

        B7                      Em
There's nothing as cruel as old gravity
How many times Ive asked him 
to have mercy on me
that I might meet my baby 
beyond the stars?

But you have gone 
to the edge of the universe
And now I see I can't follow
     Am        D7
even though it hurts
I'll give up, I'll stay here, 
  Em           C
though there's nothing worse
      Am         D7          G
Than waiting for you to come home
But I will be waiting 
    D7          G
for you to come home
           Am          D7          G
I'll go on waiting for you to come home
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