Misc Unsigned Bands - Sean Doherty - Fat Guy In A Little Coat chords

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			     Fat Guy in a Little Coat - Sean Doherty


Tuning: Standard

* - strum once

       G            D         Am
D|------------------0-------------------------------| x4

Repeat intro for first verse:

G               D                    Am
    Christopher pulls down his pants in front of the national audience
       G              D               Am        G
And he-- he's not too funny, but he's big
             D                    Am
And he's not afraid, he's got his best friend, David Spade
         G                  D             Am         G
And they-- they make people laugh a their skits
          D               Am                     G
He can do funny characters and funny voices
G        D            Am
He can impersonate anyone
G           D            Am                       G
But when it came down to making life's choices
     D                   Am (strum)
Well Chris, he goofed on that one


              G      D            Am
'Cause he's a fat guy in a little coat
G          D      Am
A fat guy, little coat
G              D            Am
His mother and father, they never understood
G      D            Am
All of the stuff he spoke

G   D   Am   G

             D              Am                            G
Hanging out, Dane and Mike, they don't know what to do
          D                  Am                 G
They were hoping he'd appear in Coneheads 2
                 D                       Am
And people would always be laughing when he'd play it off with a smile and a 
"Richard, hey man, what's happening?"
And, "Brothers don't shake hands, brothers hug!"


G   D   Am   G*

       D*             Am                   G*
And he lived in a van down by the river
       D*             Am        G*
And he ate government cheese
            D*                     Am          G*
"You're not using those papers for writing,"
        D*                    Am           G
"You're using 'em for rolling doobies."
         D             Am      G
And it's sad that he's gone
           D          Am        G
And he can never be replaced
            D          Am
I laugh out loud every time I think about him
       G        D              Am
When I think of Chris Farley's face

Chorus x2

Outro: G   D   Am x4  
       repeat intro twice
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