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Misc Unsigned Bands - Greenhaw - Perfect tab

Alright this is my first song and it's not complete so no laughing!


Now there's this girl who's so beautiful,
And I don't know how to get her anymore
    D             G          Cadd9
And this is kind, Driving me crazy
D                                               G                 Cadd9
You see I met this girl one Sunday morning, and she was lookin so fine
G                           D                                 Cadd9
And I never thought on from that day on she'd always be on my mind
      Dsus4                 Cadd9              G              
Now I always try to get her attention but that doesn't really work.
    D                                              Cadd9 (without pointer) 
Sometimes I think I try too hard and come off as a jerk
      G                                  Cadd9   
And I don't want her to think of me like that cause that would be all wrong
Dsus4                                                C                G
So I'm trying to show her her the true side of me by writing her this song
Gadd9                   Cadd9
And this girl is pretty perfect as you can see
C                                    G
But my problem is she's not that into me
Cadd9                                     G
I've messed up so many times that I can't even count
Gadd9                    Cadd9
and that, kinda ruins it all
G                                         D
Now her eyes are like the ocean, with the setting sun in them


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