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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Higgins - Real Thing chords

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Real Thing - The Higgins

Capo 2

Intro: D, Cadd9, G, F x2

Here's to you baby
I think that we got it made
Hanging out by the fire
Sipping on cheap chardonnay

      A                     G
Let's toast to another good year
A                        G
All that I want is right here
D                      Cadd9
Just off the blacktop, down by the river
G                  F
We got a love that goes on forever
D                    Cadd9
Big as the blue sky, straight as the crow flies
G                        F (strum once then pause)     D
Here on the porch swing, we got the real thing
Cadd9              G       F
We got the real thing
A flattop for picking
A tin roof that sings when it rains
This ten bucks for gas has to last
Until you get paid

    A                        G
But that ain't a problem for me
     A                      G
Cuz, baby you're all that I need, yeah


     D                               G
Hey, tell me what you wanna do tonight
    D         G
Cmon, uh-huh, yeah 

(strum once each for this part)
D                  Cadd9
Just off the blacktop
G              F
Down by the river
D                  Cadd9
We've got a love that
Goes on forever
Repeat [D, Cadd9, G, F] until end of song.
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