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Misc Unsigned Bands - Living Hope Worship - The Journey chords

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The Journey
Written By Stacey Franz 
From the album The Journey
Performed by Living Hope Worship
Living Hope Community Church, Boonville, IN  47601
Copyright 2011 Gabriel Matthews

Key:  D
Intro:  D   Bm  G   A

Verse 1
D               Bm	   G	              A
All You want is all of me, all of me is what Iím gonna give
D       Bm             G    A
Nothin' less than everything
D               Bm           G	       A
You formed me, You knew me, Jesus You loved me
D              Bm            G   A
Long before I drew my first breath

Pre Chorus
   D             Bm
So I can not be silent
G              A
I will not be still
           D        Bm
I'm gonna run after You my God, 
          G           A     Asus    A
Let Your purpose be fulfilled

D             Bm
I choose You, I choose life
             G                 A
I choose to walk by faith and not by sight
D                Bm
I'm pressin on, movin ahead
     G                      A
The old me's gone, I won't live in the past
            G            A
And I have given You my life
                   Bm                 Em
Knowing You'll be faithful to see me through
           G            A             G       A            D
I'm gonna follow You forever, I'll go on the journey with You

Verse 2
D                 Bm
A greater life is what You give
   G              A
A greater life is what I want
D        Bm            G    A
Nothin' less than You always
    D            Bm
You set my feet upon the ground
G                    A
Now my life's worth livin'
       D         Bm               G     A
Cause You are my way my truth my life
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