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Misc Unsigned Bands - Word And Life Worship - More Of You chords

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More of You         Key A (Alt Key C)
Written by Chantel Ackerman and Andrew Graham 


Verse 1
.A                    Asus4  F#m
When the broken are torn
.              E          Bm
and the lame need to walk
.            D
where can they find
.               E
the answer they seek

Verse 2

When the blind need to see
and the world needs to feel
where can they find
a God that is real

Pre Chorus
.    D         F#m       D
Take me, send me, fill me
.        Bm            E
with the power of Your Love

.             D
Touch with my hands
.            E
walk with my feet
.             F#m
Speak with my voice
.                   E
Lord use me as You please

More of You Lord
. E         
Less of me
More of you
Lord in me

intro, verse1, verse2, pre chorusx2, chorusx2,
verse2, pre chorusx2, chorusx2, instrumental,
bridgex4, chorusx2...

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