Misc Unsigned Bands - Word And Life Worship - Let Me Hear You Say chords

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Let me hear you say        Key A (alt key D)
written by chantel Ackerman  tempo:152

Verse 1
.A                 G
There's a Name greater than
.               Bm               D
all who is and was that will ever be

Verse 2

There's a love greater than all my sin and shame
that has set me free

It's so hard to keep it in 
.          Bm
when the Fire's stirring from within
.    F#m
And all I want to do is 
. E  
Give my all to You

Come on just let it go
We want the world to know
Name above all names
.      F#m
We are here to praise
.G      E

Let me hear you say

Let me hear you say

Let me hear you say 
.  Bm
Let the world proclaim 
.D             E
to Him the Kingdom  

Intro, Verse1, verse 2, Pre-chorus x2, Chorus, 
Interlude, Verse 1, Verse 2, Pre-chorus x2, 
Chorus x1, Bridge x2, Chorus x2.  
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