Misc Unsigned Bands - Round 2 - Dont Rock The Boat chords

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This is a new band fresh out of Eugene, OR. I don't think too many people have 
heard of them yet but they are awesome. This song is one of my favorites:

Donít Rock The Boat by Round 2				
Strum pattern - DDDUD

Intro: G F C C  G F C C

G                      F                	    C       C
Some things ain't as they seem
Like I'm running down a dream
Not sure where time is or where it ends
Can only count on my friends

G            D                                F       C
Mama said don't rock the boat
Some things are best left untold
And if you do you better be sure
G		        D	        		         F	     F
Your bound to get more than you bargained for

GFCC7 (2x)

G                  	  F                        C      C7
Sometimes you canít just hold firm
And be careful the bridges you burn
You can stand but you canít deliver
ĎCuz the bridge is gone you canít cross that river


Am    D      F   	        C 
One day you will be wrong
And you will learn, on that cold red dawn
That vanity is a cold ugly place,
Am            	   D                   	       F   	               F 
That knocks you down and throws mud in your face!

G                  D                            F       C
Cuz mama said don't rock the boat
Some things are best left untold
Sometimes you got to live and let be,
G	                  D	        		      F	         F
I can understand you can you understand me? 

Chorus (2x) with Echo

End: F F F F C
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