Misc Unsigned Bands - Shane Anderson - Malachi Song chords

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written by: Shane Anderson

Verse 1:
Bm     G    D      A
Son of man, man of sorrows
Bm           G               D       A
Sent down to earth from your heavnly home
Bm         G     D          A
You bid us come, you bid us follow
Bm         G       A          D
No more to wander, no more to roam

         D             A           Bm           G
Draw the hearts of the sons to the heart of the Father
         D             A              Bm           G
Draw the hearts of the fathers to the heart of the Son
     D               A              Bm       G
Pour out the love of Jesus upon our sons and daughters
D          A             G   A  D
Ignite the flame in this generation

Verse 2:
Bm               G                D          A
Come cleanse our hearts today, restore our tomorrow
Bm           G                D                  A
Bring in the harvest with the good seeds we have sown
Bm                G      D                 A
The Word you have given, piercing bone and marrow
Bm            G              A            D
Building your house with the love we have known

The Father's ever faithful
To His mercy there is no end
Lay off your heavy burdens
          G                           . . .  (Hold)
Find your hope in nail-scarred hands
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