Misc Unsigned Bands - Eddie Arnold - Im Throwing Rice chords

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Verse #1.

   G            G7          C           A7
   I'm throwing rice at the girl that I love,

   D7                     G   Am7   D7
   After she just said, I do.

   G            G7          C           A7
   I'm throwing rice with a smile on my lips,

       D7                      G
   But my heart is breaking in two.

Verse #2.

   C               G
   She was my gal, he was my pal,

       A7                       D7
   But she loved him better somehow.

   G          G           C            A7
   I stepped aside, after I kissed the bride,

       D7                       G     D7
   And I'm throwing rice at her now.

(Repeat Verse #2)
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