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Misc Unsigned Bands - Word And Life Worship - No Greater Love chords

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No greater love     Tempo 167  4/4
Written by Andrew Graham     Key A (alt key E)

.A   Asus4   A   Asus4

.       A
In Your freedom I will live 
.       Asus4/D
By the power of Your word
.      A
When I stand on Christ the rock
.    Asus4/D             
I am safe I am in God

There's no greater love than this
Christ from heaven came to earth
Healed the broken found the lost
Its the power of the cross

. E            D               E
You died and took my place
.       D       E
Forever I will say

.A        E    D 
Love You came when You washed my sins away
.A          E  D
And what a day I have found a brand new way
.E           F#m              E/G#
Live for the one who gave me life JESUS
.D       F#m             E 
Im gonna let Your glory shine 

.A   Asus4   A   Asus4

intro, verse1, interlude, verse2, pre chorus,
chorus, interlude, verse2, pre chorus,
chorusx2, instrumental, chorus 
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