Misc Unsigned Bands - Word And Life Worship - Higher chords

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Higher       Tempo:157    4/4
Writter by: Chantel Ackerman   Key:G (alt key:E)

.Em    C    G    D

Verse 1
.           Em 
You are our rock
.           C
on which we stand.
.      G
And no sin or shame
.                       D
can take us out of Your hand

Verse 2

You are our Strength,
we can do it all
And with You by our side
nothing's impossible

.C    D     Em     Bm     C    D

.          G
So here we go
.           C
lift our voices and sing.
.              G
The world will know,
.      D/F#
we are here to praise the King.
.       Em 
And our hearts burn with fire,
.     D
as we lift Jesus higher.
.       C
Whoa oh oh

Verse 3
We will not be moved,
in Your Word we believe.
This generation lives by faith,
we are free

intro, verse1, verse2, interlude, chorus,
verse3, verse2, chorusx2
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