Misc Unsigned Bands - Tommy Connors - I Dont Know chords

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I Don't Know

Capo #3

INTRO:  D /// A/// Bm/// G///

D                 A                 Bm      G
We hit the ground running - Never looking back.
     D            A              Bm                A            G
The snow is still falling but I don't think it"ll cover your tracks
Em           D/F#              G    A
Not sure if any of this was a good idea
Em              D/F#              G                            A
But it's been too long since we've felt something other than fear

    D                A                                 Bm               G
For year's I've been wonderin' what to say to you I knew this day would come
     D                          A            Bm         A        G
And to hear what you've been going through and doing it on your own
Em           D/F#              G            A
You never bothered to look me up when your down
Em              D/F#       G              A
But here we are together, no one else is around

G        D          A      
I don't know, if this will make sense tomorrow
G                     D          A  
And I don't know if I even care
Em           D/F#              G         
Tonight you found a missing part of me
Em               D/F#              G            A
Tomorrow you'll pack up your bags and these memories

Bm                 A                      G
I've missed those stars in your eyes and fire in your soul
Bm                 A       G             A          
Long drives to nowhere, on never-ending roads


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