Misc Unsigned Bands - Reality Addiction - People Die Building Bridges chords

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Note: I do not have Chords for the verses yet nor the musical break.

Key: Bm


This song can be played with a capo on the second fret or with bar chords.

Bm, A, F#m, E (x3)
Bm, A, F#m

You once told me

Iíll never change

You said that we can not

Fight time and space 

Step with me for a minute 

Out side that box

A place where there are no limits

Just lines to cross Bm, A F#m

              Bm, A, F#m
Just lines to cross

Bm       A
This life,
F#m           E
is not what I intended
Bm          A
But Iíll try,
F#m          E
to make it my own way
Bm          A
You may find, 
F#m             E
that people die building bridges
Bm             A
But I'm crossing
F#m       E
Mine today

You once told me

Ill never be more that a man

In a chemical cage

Each time that you would say that

I'd search my mind

While you were burning bridges

I built mine Bm, A F#m

        Bm, A, F#m
I built mine


Bm      A
One Day
F#m                 E
We'll all look back on our choices
Bm          A
And see that
F#m             A
Each was a step twords the sea
Bm        A
Some spent
F#m            E
All their time on an island
Bm            A,F#m
And some built
E             Bm, A, F#m, Bm,A, F#m
A bridge with me 
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