Misc Unsigned Bands - Mary And The Moon - In This Head chords

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Verse 1

I can't stand to wait forever
Cause you won't stand next to me
You don't know what happens in this head
if you did you'd leave

(same chord pattern throughout verse)

I can't say the things that haunt me
or they'll come back to bite
so I'll just let them bite me
only hurts my insides

but then I leave,
          F            C
what am I leaving for, when


A#                A#/A
I could watch you sleep
And could feel the way
I do when its forever
But its never gonna be

(same pattern throughout chorus)

and I could post pictures like you hurt me
And throw my weight about
Kick and scream and shout
But the words are never gonna come out

Verse 2

I can't grow up like you tell me
Since I don't believe we do
Our bodies, our heads get bigger
and hearts shot by people like you

Two letters I'll be yours again
Happens every single month
I can relate, like you're a soulmate,
But words somebody made don't make this fun

See then I leave again
Why am I leaving?


A# F Am C
I'm not guilty
You're not guilty
Feelings fill me
Can't you hear my heart

Whatever I said
Playing in my head
I'm still clueless
But you know don't you


:) xxx
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