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"You'll Be My Love" - Bob Gleaves

From the "Wonder Years" soundtrack

Tabbed by ear, so there's probably some mistakes.
Listen to song for change-ups.
Typical 50's ballad chords and progression.  Enjoy!



C - C/B - Am     Fm - G


   C                  Em
My love, till you are near
I long for your touch
            Dm   G
you are the only one

     C               Em
with you I know Iíll find 
love that I need
           Dm   G
Love for a life time

Pre - Chorus

   F                           G
So please, please believe itís true
    F                G
Our love will see us thru

        Em             Am
For one heart share by two

              F             Dm     G
Weíll always stand, now and for----ever


C - C/B - Am    Fm - G

         C       C/B          Am
Thru the sun, or all thru the rain
            Fm                 G              
And for all time Youíll always be my love 

Repeat Intro C - C/B - Am    Fm - G
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