Misc Unsigned Bands - The Gooties - So Many Choices chords

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A song me and Jake wrote..............


A                 Esus
Fries and milkshakes
F#m11         Dsus2
At Dairy Queen
A           Esus
Frozen treats
F#m11           Dsus2
Cookies and creame
A             Esus
Burgers or Tots
F#m11         Dsus2
And soda or pop
A             Esus
Chicken or Beef
F#m11          Dsus2
With some ice tea

A Esus F#m11 Dsus2


F#m11              Dsus2
When your poor like me 
Esus         A
At Dairy Queen
F#m11         Dsus2
So many choices 
Esus             A
Don't come so cheep


A             Esus
Mommy this sucks
F#m11            Dsus2
The combo's 4 bucks
A          Esus
Mommy says 2 
F#m11                 Dsus2
So that's what I'll choose

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