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Misc Unsigned Bands - Lauren Black - Drink The Rain chords

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Drink The Rain
Written by: Lauren Black & Dennis Woo

Verse 1:
G      G7sus4        C
I love waking up to the birds fly
Waking up to the blue sky
And sunshine

I love dancing out on the sidewalk
Watching the rain go drip drop

C      Cm     G
Even if the rain won't stop
C      Cm     G
Even when I'm falling down, down, down
C      Cm    
I'll hold my head up high
G      D/F#      Em              D             A       C     D
Drink the rain and learn to fly away

Verse 2:
Sometimes we all hide behind the moon
Behind the clouds, turn away from good mornings
When we peak around our broken
Hearts we will find, the sun still waiting

Cm   G     Em     D
C       G           A         (D)
You were always 
There for me, In the 
broken times Your love lets me know

Em       D        C
I'm not alone, anymore
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