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Peace and Harmony Chords and Lyrics :) By Aziz Harun
chord's By Enoye Delb)

Em               Bm          Am          D
Are you going to lie to the world again?

Em         Bm       Am       D
Saying the war has just end?

Em            Bm        Am          D
Behind those doors and those people

           C D                                          Em  Bm  Am  D - 2x
You say to me.. To end this war we just need PEACE And Harmony

Em          Bm            Am      D
We can save lives times a million

Em         Bm           Am       D
What We're Doing kills a billion

Em     Bm              Am     D
Create a new Civil-Eyes-Ation

         C           D
With this Action we shall


C        G       D        A
Sing out all the melodies

C    G    D         A
Hummm the harmonies

C               G          D    A
Every body can do this its Easy

C                  D                          Em Bm Am D - 2x
To change the world. All we need is peace and Harmony

Em        Bm              Am     D
The New Generation takes Society

Em     Bm      Am        D
One by one Unecessairly.

Em                Bm   Am        D
All the ethnic Groups are erased

But i ...

I still stand here in my place

C            G          D             A
You never know Never know What We'll happen

C       G       D   A
Will they stop Loving

C                  G          D           A
Send this message out to everyone In need

C                           D                  C G D A
Coz All we need to End this War PEACE AND HARMONY
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