Misc Unsigned Bands - Caleb Schaffer - Purgatory chords

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Tortured, I fall to the ceiling
Crawling so low, will you see me
Under the smoke that's still pouring
Bm                         C
From my ashtray on your table

I said hello, it was creepy
You said please go, I am sleeping
Let's go outside, the stars are bleeding
No, it's not at all like hell

G                  D                      Em                    C
Purgatory's glowing but I only have one ticket
It's the hotspot and it's snowing in great waves of oil slicks
It's where I sit alone sending smoke signals from my back deck
Promise I'll let go and baby this is not harassment 
It's a 
Em - G - D - Bm - C

I will drive slow, take the scenic
Route to my home, and I will mean it
When I say no, as if the demons 
Understand what consent means

Erase our past so I can get out
Heaven at last is looking like hell
I could just crash, and no one could tell

How much of me was my car
And how much of my car was me
Am                                                     Em
Looks like I'm running a bar, and the only patron is me
Tell her fuck all the rules, this is anarchy now
I will go back to church, I will reach you somehow
Silence means nothing, I felt what I spoke
G               G/F#                Em                  D
Someday, dear, you will re-read that note
                    C                                        D
And by the time you do that, I'll be out
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