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Just Me
Kat Ritter

I wrote this on my own. The whole song you only play the two highest 
strings. I would figure out the guitar part first and then the vocals. The 
tabs match up to the chords that match up to the lyrics. I know it doesn't
 make a whole lot of sense but I personally can't read a tab and lyrics at 
the same time. There is no capo and the tuning is standard. I do it finger 
picked. Intro is just the G or the chords/tab for verse one. I close it with 
the chords form chorus and bridge followed by a full G chord.

Just Me

Verse 1
      G     C     Em      D      C

        G       C       G     C

       Em       D     C

Verse 1

G                                  C
Im sorry that Im not sorry that Im not perfect,
    Em                  D
But its okay that Im not always okay,
Im just fine, not reading in between the lines.

    G                      C
So here I go, Im jumping into the unknown, 
         G                          C
I donít know where Im going but I wont be on my own,

           Em                    D
Im just crazy that way, no itís not just today,
Im just me, imperfect little me.

I'm trying to find a producer somewhere in the NorthWest region or America for 
Christian music. If you can help please shoot me an email...
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