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To be like Jesus    Key F#  (alt key Ab)
Written by Andrew Graham   Tempo 134   4/4

.D#m   C#/F    F#/A#   B

.        F#        
You are here and my heart will be
.       C# 
Your dwelling place You live in me
.B                            F#
Empty without You where can I go

Verse 2
.             F#
You are here with me 
You live within
. C# 
I have a light and all will see
.     B 
How bright You shine 
.                            C# 
Your love will flow through me 

.   B              D#m           C# 
I wanna love  the world like You do
. B              D#m              C#         
Abide in me I'm standing on Your word

.       F#m     D      E 
I have Jesus living in me
.        F#m       D          E/G# 
I have Jesus He's everything I need
.         Bm                     E 
Like the sun shines through the night
.    F#m                      E 
His light will shine through me
.        D              E             D        E 
This is Jesus This is Jesus This is Jesus
.  F#
In me

intro, verse1, verse 2, pre chorus, chorus, interlude,
verse1, verse2, pre chorus, chorus, interlude, chorus
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