Misc Unsigned Bands - Chris Moerman - Song Of Moses chords

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       C         D           Em     D/F#    G          C      D
Oh the Lord, our Strength and Song, Highest Praise, to Him belongs.
           C         D       Em            D/F#    G           D       G
Christ the Lord, our conquering King, Your name we raise, Your triumph sings

           D                Em                  C         G        D
Praise the Lord, our mighty warrior, Praise the Lord, the glorious one
      D/F#               Em              C           D    G
By his hand, we stand in victory, By his name, we’ve overcome

INTERLUDE:  C---D|Em---|C---D|Em---|C---D|Em---|C---D|G---|

           C               Em        D/F#    G         C       D
Though the storms of hell pursue, in darkest night, we worship You
    C          D      Em         D/F#     G         D      G
You divide the raging seas, from death to life, You safely lead


        C          D     Em    D/F#     G          C      D
All the saints and Angels bow, hosts of heaven are crying out
       C      D      Em        D/F#      G    D    G
Glory, Glory, to the King, You reign for all eternity.


    Em         C     G           D
The Lord Shall reign forever and ever
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